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Local, Canadian-made, natural, cruelty-free, plastic-free, low-waste, and sustainable are all words to describe the skincare, cosmetics and lifestyle products that Green Tree Beauty has to offer. GTB founder, Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz, ensures every customers needs are taken into consideration when recommending a product. Let’s learn more about Jennilee, and what she has to offer, in today’s TUF Local post….

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Describe your business: Green Tree Beauty has a curated offering of high performance, natural and sustainable skincare, cosmetics and lifestyle products. We believe in being kind to ourselves and the planet. The brands we offer are effective, natural, cruelty-free, Canadian-made and sustainable.

Curated by myself, Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz, GTB founder and a Makeup Artist, with almost 20 years experience under my makeup belt in the fashion, bridal, film and beauty industry. The products we offer are the same ones you will find in my professional kit and used by myself and my family.

We have a shop on 8th street in Saskatoon as well as an online shop. We offer city-wide delivery as well as shipping across North American.

Every human has unique needs and preferences when it comes to skincare and cosmetics so we offer Complimentary Consultations to help clients discover what is right for them.

What drives you to do what you do? What motivates you? I love helping people and I’d say that is what drives me and makes me excited to get out of bed every morning.

What was it like when you first started? GTB began 6 years ago with just 5 brands on 3 shelves of another local business! We now have our own shop space which features 30+ (amazing) brands and counting.

Over the years we noticed more people are conscious about what products they are using on themselves and their families. They want to know about the ingredients in their products and want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in the products they are bringing into their homes.

We are also finding more people are seeking out plastic-free, low-waste and sustainable options for their skincare and cosmetics which is fantastic! We are always so excited to show someone how easy it is to go low waste with your beauty products.

What would your customers say they love most about doing business with you? I think it might be our Customer Service. The skincare and cosmetics world can be overwhelming. There are so many products available and they are constantly being marketed to us. On top of the overwhelming number of choices, we each have unique preferences and needs so it can hard to determine what is right for you on your own sometimes.

At GTB, It’s important to me to take time to sit down with each client to find out about their skin type, lifestyle and preferences so I can help them find the best products to suit their individual needs. I also encourage clients to take samples before they buy so they can try the skincare and/cosmetics at home a few times to ensure it’s right for them. It takes the guesswork and potential disappointment out of buying skincare and cosmetics if something not right for you. Clients with sensitive skin especially appreciate the samples.

What are some odd requests you’ve had from customers/clients? No odd requests that we couldn’t help resolve and on that note – no question is ever dumb/weird/silly. Green Tree Beauty is a safe space and I hope everybody and EVERY body who visits us feels comfortable to ask the questions they have about beauty products.

What is something most people don’t know about you? Most know that I am a Makeup Artist. I have been working as a Makeup Artist since I was 20, however, what people might not know is that I actually began working in the beauty and fashion industry many years earlier at age 14 as a model. I loved being part of the beauty world back then so much and still very much do.

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What do you love most about Saskatoon? Our community! I feel so lucky about all the support I receive in my business from our local Saskatoon community. It’s also so gorgeous here. I love that every night I get to watch the stunning sunset shows our skies put on as I drive home.

Why do you think it is important for people to support local? Firstly, because our local businesses are amazing! We are so lucky to have so many vibrant and diverse local businesses serving our community. In my opinion you aren’t shopping local, you really are missing out.

Secondly, in regards to sustainability, shopping local and buying Canadian-made is an easy way individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.

What are your favorite restaurants? I love Hometown Diner for brunch and Hearth for Dinner. My daughter and I just did High Tea at The Shoppe and that was fabulous.

What are your favorite things to do locally? I love checking out the local shops! Some of my favourites are HazlewoodIndefinite ArticleNefelibata Arts and Crafts and Prairie and Pine. I also love going to the craft and art shows. There have been so many good ones lately! We are so lucky here in Saskatoon.

Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz
Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz

Business Owner – Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz
Green Tree Beauty
Phone: 306-717-0869
Address: 208 3501 – 8th Street E Saskatoon SK

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