Set-up Google Analytics for your kvCORE website

Adding Google Analytics to your kvCORE site is super simple. And thanks to google this is free and easy!

What is Google Analytics?

It is a free (for anyone with a google account) tool to track website performance and customer insights. I use it for both my kvCORE website and my custom WordPress site. It holds great information like: How are people finding the site, organic search? paid search? direct? etc. or Which page is getting the most traffic? How much traffic do I have since I started an ad? So much data is contained in google analytics!

Setting up Google Analytics

To get started you will need a google account. If you do not have one, get one! They are free and google has so many great tools for business owners.

Once you have your account go to and log into your account.

Create an account – click the blue button + Create Account. Enter all necessary information.

Next you will need to create a property – click the blue button + Create Property.

Create a google analytics account and property

In the property name field enter the kvCORE site name. Also be sure to change the time zone and currency information to your area. – Then click Next

enter kvCORE site as property name

Enter the business information details that best describes your business – Then click Create.

Update business information in new google analytics property

Choose a platform – Click Web

Enter the Website URL and Stream Name – click Create Stream

You did it! You created your sites Google Analytics page. Now Copy the Measurement ID and move on to the next step

Adding your Google Analytics code to your kvCORE Site

Log onto your kvCORE site. Then got to Web & IDX -> Website Settings

kvCORE adding google analytics

Then click Analytics

Now enter the Measurement ID you copied from the step above and click Save

That’s it! You are done. Congratulations you can now start learning from your website activity. Easy peesy!

Setting up Google Analytics for other websites.

Great news! you can use your new Google Analytics account to track activity on your other websites! Follow the steps above to create a Measurement ID for your site. Then follow the handy instructions google has provided with 2 options:

Install with website builder or CMS

This will work if you are using one of the website platforms listed. If you do not use these platforms you will need to install manually.

Install Manually

You will need to install this code into the header of your site.

I hope you find this helpful! Reach out if you have any questions or need help! Contact Us

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~ Rhonda