Brielle Lavoie


Brielle Lavoie

Brielle Lavoie has a zest for life. Wants to live in a world filled with unlimited candy, ownership of every beanie boo created, and a force field around herself that repels chores and bedtime.

 As an almost 10-year-old, she’s mastered the art of talking from sun up to sundown. She is a regular contributor to the art of storytelling.  And is regularly caught being kind, polite, and friendly at school.

 When she’s not talking or watching her favorite shows to help prepare her for becoming a pre-teen.  She can be found playing piano, skating, reading a book, running barefoot in the yard, holding a chicken, or asking a question for the eleventy-bajillionth time in a day.

 Brielle is a good friend and enjoys entertaining when the opportunity arises. She’s learning to work through little girl/friend disputes and seems to absorb these learned skills. It’s not uncommon to find her swimming in our pool with any friends who visit.

 Although her first book isn’t even a thought yet, it’s easy to assume that it’ll be entitled “My Chicken, My Sibling: How To Be The Best Big Sister To Your Chicken And Other Pets.” Estimated release is slated for Fall 2032.

You can connect with Brielle via one of her moms:  Rhonda & Crystal