Crystal Lavoie


Crystal Lavoie, owner/partner, is also a wife to Rhonda and mom to Brielle.  Crystals’ contributions to TUF are often behind the scenes and lean towards the creative side.  For instance, she manages much of the content on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  In addition to all of her imaginative pins on Pinterest.  Her creative writing skills are an asset to the company as well.  She writes content for the website, TUF Local blog posts, and listing descriptions.

Crystal has a wide variety of interests, hobbies, and loves including such things as drawing, painting, small woodworking projects, sewing,  home decorating, yard maintenance, gardening, plants, entertaining, traveling, blogging, and an extreme love of animals.

The Urban Farmhouse Petsitting

Up until March 2022, Crystal operated a business much opposite of Realty and Mortgage.  The Urban Farmhouse Petsitting offered to care for small animals, birds, and reptiles. As this is an area near and dear to the entire TUF family.  Seeing as they are owners of many of their own exotic pets.

A Little History

Born and raised in a small town just north of Saskatoon.  Crystal grew up having dogs as her family pet.  Her discovery of exotic animals came into adulthood.  The first pet that Crystal and Rhonda welcomed into their home was a dwarf rabbit named Latte.  She lived to be over 10 years old.  From there, they added a hedgehog, sugar gliders, and a common marmoset monkey named Thai.  Through the years the couple added to their little exotic family and eventually offered rescue and adoption to the like pets.  They also had the privilege of meeting and sometimes working with animals like; Canadian lynx, porcupine, skunk, tigers, lions, raccoons, cougar, and many more amazing animals.


Today, Crystal is the primary caregiver of the TUF menagerie.  Including a Yorkie, two cats, a green cheeked conure, a bearded dragon, a Hermann’s tortoise, an axolotl, and a coop full of the cutest tiny chickens you’ve ever seen.