Tucker - Yorkie

Tucker is a mighty warrior stuck in a 5 lb. body.  His dream is to own a throne and have a group of beautiful pups tend to his every need.

Being the mature 42 year old (6 in pup yrs) he is, he’s mastered the art of being carried far more than is necessary. He is frequently caught lifting his leg in the house and is sentenced to a time out in his kennel.

When he’s not snoozing on the couch, he can be found basking in the sun on the stairs, playing with toys twice his size, trying to hide his treat, waiting to go out to the office with mom, or not eating his meal…again.

Tucker enjoys entertaining and will kiss everyone, whether they like it or not. He’s extremely happy when he catches someone off guard and slips them the tongue. He’s learned to hide in the smallest of spaces for no reason at all and spends time shaking like a little weirdo, leaving his family clueless as to why he does it. It’s not uncommon to find him on the dog bed under the kitchen table, munching on a Kleenex he snagged from the bathroom garbage can before anyone noticed.

Although Tucker plays the part of a naughty dog really well, at the end of the day, his family still loves him. He can be found under the covers more often than not.

You can connect with Tucker via one of his moms:  Rhonda & Crystal