TUF Puppy


Meet Poppy, the sweet and spicy American Cocker Spaniel pup who was born September 25, 2022 and joined our family at 8 weeks old.

Since she’s just a baby, Poppy has an abundant life ahead of her. At such a young age, she’s already learned one of the most important lessons in life; look cute and you’ve got ‘em wrapped around your little paw. To look at her, you’d think she spent hours in front of the mirror every morning in order to get that “frigging adorable” look, but nope, she was born like that. A natural beauty who likes to bat those beautiful long lashes.

Poppy aspires to be an influencer in the dog world and has already begun her acting and modeling careers. You can follow Poppy’s journey in life by visiting her TikTok page. https://www.tiktok.com/@preciouspoppypuppy

If you’d like to inquire more about Poppy’s careers, you can connect with one of her moms.  Rhonda & Crystal