Your Style, Your Words: Using ChatGPT Effectively

Hey there, ever used ChatGPT? It’s an amazing tool, right? It’s a real time-saver and gets those creative juices flowing. But have you noticed that the responses don’t quite mirror your style? Well, I’ve got you covered. Below, I’ve crafted a simple prompt to help you level up those responses!

Creating your Personal style in ChatGPT

Go to ChatGPT. Select New chat. Enter “I’d like your help in determining my writing style and tone”

ChatGPT window

ChatGPT response asks you to supply a sample so now go find something that you have previously written, social media post, a blog post, or email. Find something that best reflects your writing style. Then copy it and paste it into this Chat GPT chat.

The text I supplied had a vibrant and enthusiastic tone with a personal, blending professional insights with a touch of your own experiences style.

Now ask “Please use this tone and style in all future chats” This way all future responses in this chat will have your tone and style.

Level up with

What is is like having AI superpowers wherever you go online. Once you add the extension to your favorite web browser, you can access ChatGPT and other AI tools with just a click. Whether you’re drafting an email and need help refining your writing, or crafting a social media post and want to check spelling, grammar, or shorten it, has got you covered.

In fact, I am using to help me write this blog post, right in the same window…..

I use this tool every single day! Here are a few examples of where it can be used:

In email – draft your email, then select the drop down menu to see the quick prompt menu. See image below.

Facebook and other social media.

Here are the current examples of place’s you can use

Plus in your web-browser. Once you have added the extension you can open the window to the right of any site you are on!

I love as it has been a game changer for me! Use this link to get a free week of the Pro plan with

Where’s the video?

Are you a visual learner? Find this post to have too much text and images, just show me the video? No problem. I have you covered. Go to to get your free download.

~ Rhonda